Download the Events Industry Salary Survey 2020

Rebecca May December 5 2019

The Events Industry Salary Survey 2020 is here! Thank you to everyone who took part – your responses allowed us to draw some interesting conclusions and provide in-depth insights that we can all benefit from. The survey looks at averages for basic salary, bonuses and commission, motivations and overall on-target earnings for each of the…

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The Big Skills Share: Pandemic Reactions, Recruitment and Skills Gaps in B2B Events

Between 16th – 18th June 2020, EVCOM (the Event and Visual Communication Association) is running The Big Skills Share, where EVCOM members and industry experts take part in bite-sized sessions via Instagram Live to share ideas, skills and tips so that we can all learn from each other and work through key sector challenges together….

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[FOLLOW-UP] ⯈ How do you launch a festival in the middle of a pandemic?

Last month, GCN Talent spoke to Greg Hackett, the Festival Director of the London Mountain Film Festival. Formerly MD at Informa/IIR Telecoms and Clarion Events, Greg left the B2B events sector and later set up this B2C event for the climbing/outdoor adventure market – but then the COVID-19 pandemic loomed its ugly head and threw…

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[CASE STUDY] • How do you launch a festival in the middle of a pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on well-established companies in the live events sector – but how do you respond if you’re scheduled to run your first-ever event during a global lockdown? Here’s a positive tale for troubled times… The B2B Conference industry has always attracted highly entrepreneurial individuals. In fact, the very…

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Unconscious bias and hiring for ‘culture fit’: are you unknowingly impacting diversity and inclusion in your workplace?

Unconscious bias can influence decisions in recruitment, promotion and performance management. It could also be discriminatory when the unconscious bias relates to a protected characteristic. And yet – it is a natural human trait and is usually unintended. Often, the first step in addressing it is recognising that it is likely to be present in…

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Win 2 x VIP Tickets to Live Well London 2020

In the Events Industry Salary Survey 2020, we took a close look at mental health and wellbeing in the industry. We discovered that many events professionals feel their wellbeing is not adequately supported in the workplace, with the majority feeling they can’t discuss their mental health with their managers. This led to conversations about different experiences…

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Download the Events Industry Salary Survey 2020

The Events Industry Salary Survey 2020 is here! Thank you to everyone who took part – your responses allowed us to draw some interesting conclusions and provide in-depth insights that we can all benefit from. The survey looks at averages for basic salary, bonuses and commission, motivations and overall on-target earnings for each of the…

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What Makes A Good Sales Leader?

Is great sales performance an indicator of great sales leadership ability? How do you know if your stellar sales performer is ready to make the move into sales leadership? GCN Talent put these questions and more to Sam North, Founder of Inflection Point Coaching and Consulting.   What do you believe separates a sales leader…

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Have your say: The GCN Talent Salary Survey 2020

GCN Talent is beginning the 2020 Salary Survey for the events industry – and we’d like you to take part. The previous edition of the Global Conference Network‘s salary survey reached over 15,000 events industry professionals, with respondents coming from a broad cross-section of functions. This provided a detailed picture of motivations and financial remuneration across…

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Why isn’t the events industry fully embracing flexible working options?

In a recent FlexJobs report, 80% of respondents said that they believed they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible working options. 73% listed work/life balance as one of the most important factors they consider when evaluating a job prospect, ranking well above other benefits – including holiday allowance. GCN Talent…

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Are you optimising the networking opportunities at your events?

A 2018 survey of event attendees conducted by EventMB indicated that 82% listed networking as a priority, compared with 71% listing ‘new learning’ and 38% ‘self-improvement’. The message is clear; if your event doesn’t facilitate highly effective networking, you are not delivering value for the majority of your delegates. Below are four key things to…

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Are you conducting Stay Interviews? Correctly done – a highly effective way to retain your top talent

According to a recent CIPD report, 33% of employers report that it has become more difficult to retain staff over the last 12 months. Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive for a talent acquisition specialist to be commenting on the most effective way to keep hold of key staff, we see our role as recruitment partners…

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GCN Talent always ensure they understand the requirements of the business and the type of candidate we are looking for through close consultation with us. As part of that, they only send the best candidates, making the recruitment process efficient and enjoyable! I would highly recommend GCN Talent.

General Manager
Capacity Conferences/Euromoney plc

I’d like to express my gratitude to you personally for facilitating this opportunity. Of every recruiter I reached out to you, have been by far and away the best and most diligent.

Commercial Partnerships Manager
Business Intelligence & Events

The team at GCN talent are always one of the ‘must-calls’ when recruiting. The reason I like to work with them is that they take time to get to know our needs, and only put forward well-researched and briefed candidates which has led to a number of appointments. I am happy to highly recommend them.

Managing Director
Mining Indaba/Euromoney plc

The GCN Talent team is incredibly helpful, personable and enthusiastic – they were the driving force behind turning an opportunity into a career. I am very grateful for the time and effort they put into securing the role for me, and I highly recommend them.

Conference Director

GCN Talent has been a key player in supporting us finding top-quality candidates for our events team. They always takes the time to understand our requirement and then only put forward relevant people.

Director of Events
Campden Wealth

GCN Talent and I had been liaising for a number of years. They are consistently very personable and a pleasure to work with as well as being very insightful and enthusiastic about who they works with. I always felt confident that they would represent me well. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with GCN Talent again at all!


I am very happy to recommend GCN Talent who have successfully sourced good candidates for me over many years. They always question a brief carefully to get a good understanding of what’s required for a given role. They are always happy to take on board feedback to adapt a search if necessary. As a result, they always sends me through a high calibre of candidates.

Content Director
Ascential Events

I had the pleasure of speaking with GCN Talent when I needed someone who really understood where I was at that time. Unlike other recruiters I have encountered, GCN Talent really took the time to understand what I needed, why I needed it and what was important to me. I would happily recommend GCN Talent to anyone looking for the right move.

Business Development Director

I cannot recommend GCN Talent highly enough. As well as having in-depth knowledge of the conferences & exhibition worlds – and the key roles and functions that they entail – they areno doubt the best-connected recruitment professionals.

Southbank/Crop World Global

GCN Talent are fearless recruiters who very quickly got to grips with the complexities of our market place and the specific requirements of the role we were looking to fill. They left no stone unturned in their search for the perfect candidate and I relied on them to save me time by thoroughly screening all potential interviewees before they referred them to me. Their results have been great and we’re really happy with the senior level people they have helped bring into our business.

Editorial and Network Director
The Hive

I have loved and enjoyed working with GCN Talent over the years. Not only are they one of the most resilient headhunters I have met in my career, but also an incredible pleasure to work with from a personality point of view. They are one of those headhunters that will not stop until they get what you are looking for, really a great recruitment partner to have for any job you may require to hire for. I recommend very highly!

Group Head of Marketing